How to Add reddit Lens for Ubuntu’s Unity Dash

Are you a fan of reddit and also fan of Ubuntu? If the answer is "yes" then let's discuss how to add reddit Lens in Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot using PPA.
How to Add reddit Lens for Ubuntu’s Unity Dash
Follow below steps:

Fully Disable Window Restore for Mac Lion

You may feel tired if you have to manually remove saved Resume state of a particular application on the Mac Lion, this paper may be suitable for you. This method aims to deactivate Restore windows when quiting and re-opening apps feature in the latest Mac OS X.

Follow the steps below:
  1. Launch System Preferences and select General,
  2. Switch the view to the Number of recent items. Uncheck a box beside “Restore windows when quitting and re-opening apps”.

Make Theme from Personal Pictures

Hello readers, in this post I wanna share you how to make your personal picture as a theme for your Windows 7. Follow the steps bellow:
  1. Go to Libraries folder, and create a folder to save your personal pictures which you'll make as a theme,
    Make Theme from Personal Pictures
  2. Browse for your favorite pictures from the Internet or from your local hard disk, and save them to the folder we have created in the previous step,
  3. Access the images in our library folder by right-clicking our desktop and select personalize,