Connecting WP7 to Hidden Network

Connecting WP7 to Hidden Network
Connecting WP7 to a hidden network is actually a classic problem for mobile users with WP7 based devices. WP7 connection problems to the hidden network have been felt since October 2010. Fortunately HTC users can enjoy a connection to hidden network after HTC makes a free app to resolve the issue.
Hidden WiFi app for WP7 from HTC

Hidden SSID features for WP7 will be implemented on WP Mango final release earlier this week, according to information from twitter @BrandonWatson. Now mobile phone users based WP7 from LG, Samsung, and Dell doesn't need to feel jealous again with mobile users based WP7 from HTC. Happy connecting...:)
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Make a Torch from Android

Make a Torch from Android
Tiny Flashlight + LED is an Android application that can make your LED flash from your camera shining like a flashlight. Very simple, but if we consider about the benefits of this app I think this will be a must-have application.

Tiny Flashlight + LED has several advantages, including:
  • The very important from this application is free.
  • Support many types of mobile phones with different camera LED (flash).
  • It’s the brightest flashlight applications because it emits very intense light in the dark.
  • Have a light color, etc...

Google Search Update for Tablet

Google Search Update for Tablet
Google Search Update for Tablet-So far there is no difficulty that we encountered when using Google Search on our tablet device. Although no significant difficulties, Google officially announced Google Search update for Tablet at last Friday, July 29, 2011.

Google Search Update for Tablet gives us a better experience and feels more touch-friendly user interface. Another change is in navigation, where the nav bar to the left of the screen was removed and replaced with a tab menu at the top.

In addition you will also see improvements in the picture, the thumbnail becomes larger, and faster load for the search result. Google Search Update for Tablet is available in 36 languages and can be applied to Android tablets version 3.1 and also the iPad.

Marvel Digital Launches Android Tablet

Marvel Digital Launches Android Tablet
Marvel Digital launches Android Tablet. The Hongkong based company is apparently beginning to realize the potential market for cheap tablet running Android. Android Tablet which was recently launched by a company known for its comic story is given the name TBT-10C Mercury Pad.

TBT-10C Mercury Pad itself is considered in the entry-level category by offering a price about $259. Although the price is relatively cheap, but the tablet’s specification from Marvel is pretty satisfying.

TBT-10C Mercury Pad has a 7 inch capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 800 x 480. It runs the Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and supported by the 1GHz Samsung processor (S5PV210), has a 512MB of DDR2, a microSD card slot, 2MP rear camera, 0.3MP front camera (webcam), G-sensor, external 3G USB modem, and 802.11 b/g/n WiFi.

Oh, besides the above spec, the Marvel’s tablet -TBT Mercury Pad- also has a USB 2.0 slot, and has a 1080p HD video output. For the battery is 2250mAh. How did you feel about specs above? Will you eventually buy this cheap tablet from Marvel?

If the answer is yes, then you can buy TBT-C10 Mercury pad through this link.

Spice Mobile M-67 3D Review

Spice Mobile M-67 3D Review
Spice Mobile M-67 3D is the first 3D mobile phone in India. The 3D mobile phone has been supported auto-stereoscopic display that can help you see the 3D image as the original object. The nicest feature is its ability to display 3D images and videos without requiring you wear special glasses.

Another feature of the Spice Mobile M-67 3D is support for two SIM card slots. You can use two SIM cards from different carriers simultaneously without the difficulty anymore. Spice Mobile M-67 3D has dimensions of 50.7 x 115 x 12.6 mm and total weighs only 70 grams.

To entertain the owners, Spice Mobile M-67 has been supporting 3D Video Player, MP3 Player, and also FM Radio. In addition there are also 3D shortcut key that allows you to switch from 2D mode to 3D mode and vice versa.

White Galaxy S II In UK

White Galaxy S II In UK

White Galaxy II In UK-White have a special meaning for some people. In my country -Indonesia- white is a part of color in our flag that symbolizes purity. Some people also think white has a special meaning and they loved him.

Samsung saw this opportunity by launching the White Galaxy S II in the UK. White Galaxy S II will be available about mid August in the UK. Certainty refers to the article on the Clove’s website, a UK wireless retailer.

The price of White Glaxy S II is not yet known. If we look at the Galaxy II classic that has a price about $775, then the White Galaxy S II slightly more expensive about $30. Spec of White Galaxy S II with the Galaxy S II Classic is absolutely same, but why the price offered was different? Is it because of the influence of white color?
Adopted from thedroidguy.

Free Farm Frenzy Lite for Android

Free Farm Frenzy Lite for AndroidFree Farm Frenzy Lite 2 for Android

In the real world, farmers seem less attractive, especially by young people (I hope my opinion mistaken). But this does not apply in the gaming world. Farm Frenzy is in high demand by many people as a casual game. Starting from the Farm Frenzy PC version, Facebook, and even Farm Frenzy Lite is now available for Android.

If you are curious about the Free Farm Frenzy Lite for Android, so try to be an unreal farmer. You can also practice responsible because you have to feed the cattle and look after your plants until harvest time arrives.

If you work well and be responsible for managing your farm, finally you will get money for your hard-working from your farm. Whoa, it feels amazing. Farm Frenzy Lite for Android now supports screen resolutions ranging from 240x320 to 1280x800.
Download Free Farm Frenzy Lite for Android.

GT Racing Academy Free From Gameloft

GT Racing Academy Free From Gameloft
Racing car games seem to always be a favorite game to play especially for men. It reads well by Gameloft to launch a complete series of racing games such as Asphalt 5, Asphalt 6, and also NOVA 2. If you are still not satisfied, now thecybergal will share a new title offered by the games manufacturer from UK GT Racing: Academy Free+ which has been available for download from the Android Market.

In GT Racing: Academy Free+ you are required to pass driving tests and won the race to continue the adventure and unlock new cars are still locked. You can also open locked cars by purchase XP multipliers and credit packs directly from the game (in-app purchase) without visiting the Market again.

PCB Sense, Free Android App

PCB Sense, Free Android App
PCB Sense, Free Android App-It may be very difficult for us to get Android phones in a transparent casing. With a transparent casing, our Android phone will be more elegant because it shows the chips that make the Android phone works.

Currently PCB Sense for Adroid has already available so we can feel as if we have a transparent casing. Scar45, a XDA forum member share us this PCB sense by presenting the changes on the home screen which looks like PCBs, and in the center will look a processor with the Android logo.

There are five different colors given by PCB Sense for Android: green, pink, orange, blue, and purple and everything is going well with GingerSense ROMs (2.1 Sense + Gingerbread). Sometime scar45 will try to make it work on Sense 3.0.

To install the PCB Sense for Android is quite simple, you just need to copy to your device and run it. About uninistalling, you can use Backup Titanium, or apply other skin sensations, can also be done by highlighting the PCB Sense, then “Menu --> Delete”. Please note that the PCB Sense will not be visible in the "Settings --> Applications".

Please thank to scar45, and if you have a bit pocket money you can give a little donation in the donation link.
  1. PCB Sense Blue (7.7mb)
  2. PCB Sense Orange (7.7mb)
  3. PCB Sense Green (7.7mb)
  4. PCB Sense Purple (7.7mb)
  5. PCB Sense Pink (7.7mb)

Angry Birds Considered Violating Patents

Angry Birds Considered Violating Patents
So far the Angry Birds is a very popular game. Have you know that the Finnish game being stuck with a problem regarding violating patents claimed by the game company from Texas about the method for purchasing a new level in the application.

Types of purchases the new level is also applied to the games from Europe and these problems have prevented developers to launch their applications.

Start Up Smart, a website for new business and entrepreneurship said.
"The US patent system allows software implementations of ideas to be patented, which differs significantly from the European Union, although the European Parliament has been considering aligning patent rights with the US"

"The growth of lawsuits in the US by so-called "patent trolls" – which simply demand payments after assessing intellectual property rights – poses a major threat to the burgeoning mobile app market."

I personally think patents like this to curb the birth of new innovations from the company that filed for a patent. How you think about it?

Ninja Breakout for Windows Phone

Ninja Breakout for Windows Phone
Ninja Breakout for Windows Phone is a game that brings Panda in a conflict with the Ninja. Actually, the Ninja is more passive (because he just like a block) you have to tear down. You'll play as a Panda and your task is to throw your little panda friend to knock down all Ninja’s blocks and keep the little panda landed in the right place.

In Ninja Breakout for Windows Phone, you move the Panda by touching or using the phone’s accelerometer. Some of the Ninja’s block which you have destroyed will sometimes drop the bonus, so you should be careful to get the bonus in your hand. After all the Ninja’s block successfully destroyed, you will find that next level.

Ninja Breakout for WP7 is a free game and run quite smooth, although admittedly sometimes there are annoying ads when we are playing. But overall, this game is suitable to add your games library on your Windows Phone device.
Download Ninja Breakout for Windows Phone (Open Zune).

Free Farkle Dice Deluxe for Android

Free Farkle Dice Deluxe for Android
Free Farkle Dice Deluxe for Android-The last game we discussed is Captain America for Android (paid game), now thecybergal will share free games for Android platform. In the past, Farkle Dice Deluxe is priced almost $1 ($0.99), but it’s available for free now.

Farkle Dice Deluxe has always been a popular game, not just for phones but it’s also played on the Facebook. Instead you play the real dice and in the end you feel something is missing before using the money (I mean gambling), I think playing Farkle Dice Deluxe in your Android is a wise choice.

Farkle Dice Deluxe for Android is now signed to version 1.1.2. In this version there are at least five fixes, including:
- You can share your score through Facebook and Twitter.
- Bug fixes in scoring with three pairs of unique combinations.
- Add the navigation buttons on the play screen, very helpful for tablet users.
- Updated to How to Play.
- Minor bug fixed and coding optimization, to let the game played smoother.

Oh ya, even free but there are no ads to be seen. Feel interested, aren’t you? Just download free Farkle Dice Deluxe for Android.

Eric Schmidt and His BlackBerry

Eric Schmidt and his BlackBerry-Although no longer served as a CEO of Google, it does not mean legitimate for him to back and forth with his BlackBerry. Until now, Schmidt is listed as chairman at the company located in Mountain View that develops open source OS-Android.

Schmidt and his BlackBerry were in Indonesia (my country hehehe) to attend the economy summit. He caught on camera lens when take photos of Balinese dancer with his BlackBerry Bold 9780. Indeed, the BlackBerry as a must have phone for a busy businessman, moreover a Schmidt. But it is becoming a bit awkward when the businessmen who use the BlackBerry is the one who provides the Android OS with its millions of applications.
Eric Schmidt and His BlackBerryEric Schmidt and His old BlackBerry
(L)Schmidt and his BlackBerry Bold 9780, (R)Schmidt and his BlackBerry Curve 8900-2 years ago.

Prior to this news excited, Schmidt had also caught the camera lens when using the BlackBerry Curve 8900 about two years ago. Maybe the chairman felt a bit tired to always meet with Android devices all time and he needs another little color.

Notes for Exchange for Android

Notes for Exchange for Android
Notes for Exchange for Android-Hello Android lovers. This time thecybergal will share a very useful application for you, I ensure it. Today’s application is the Notes for Exchange, an application to exchange important notes from a PC which connected to exchange account with the Android phone.

Notes for Exchange is developed by XDA forum member, Hundera. So, we all have to say thank to Hundera for both applications: Notes for Exchange client for Android and Notes for Exchange client for the PC which greatly helped our office activity. Notes for Exchange will keep your notes like exchange standard synchronization did.

Facebook Client Updated for iOS and Windows Phone

Facebook Client updated for iOS and Windows Phone

Facebook Client updated for iOS and Windows Phone-Hmm…Facebook again... Not yet bored? Okay because some of you still lovin’ this soc-med app, so thecybergal will bring it for you...

This time about Facebook client for iOS and WP has gotten update. Well, maybe for the iPhone and Windows Phone owners already know about this (you can skip this post :D) and the other who didn’t yet know you can continue reading. For iOS, this is a Facebook client v3.4.4 and for Windows Phone this is v2.1.

Facebook 3.4.4 for iPhone gives us some improvement, including the Share button for comments, Chats and Messages, News Feed Filters to show up Friend lists. As for WP7 users, Facebook 2.1 gives us fixes for bugs that prevent us to access our friend’s photo album.

You can directly download from the notification that appears on your iPhone or WP devices, if the notification doesn’t appear, so that’s your problem :D. Hehehe, kidding anyway, Download Facebook 3.4.4 for iOS and Download Facebook 2.1 for WP7.

Captain America for Android

Captain America for Android 1Captain America for Android 2Captain America for Android 3

Captain America for Android-Hello guys, yesterdays we’ve discussed Winnie The Pooh for Android, which is an educational game from Disney. Now we will discuss action games. Captain America, an 3D action game that can now be played by Android phone users. This game was released to coincide with the release of the Marvel’s film, Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America for Android presents a fist-punch among the captain with his enemy, the Red Skull. Also, the Captain America must fight to the forces of the Red Skull, HYDRA soldiers. You will feel the sensation became the captain in the 24 levels are presented in full 3D graphics.

Oh ya, other than the fighting games also available Captain America live wallpaper . Wallpaper given free, but for the game itself priced $0.99 for a week of launch and the rest you must pay $4.99. So expensive I though.
So come on to download Captain America for Android.
Download Captain America for Android.
Captain America Live Wallpaper.

Winnie The Pooh App for Android

Winnie The Pooh App for Android
Winnie The Pooh app for Android now available. 'Winnie the Pooh: What's a Bear to Do' is the first application of Disney for the Android platform. This game is a commitment from Disney Publishing Worldwide to deliver high-quality reading experience to families in ways that are most relevant.

Winnie The Pooh is perfect for your toddlers, because this application help to increase the reading ability since you should help Winnie looking for honey, honey pots, and entertaining puzzles.

The latest version of Winnie The Pooh app for Android has support at least five languages: Japanese, Spain, French, English, and German. I think this app is only compatible with tablet devices. Unfortunately, this game is not available for free. You have to pay $2.99 to be able to play Winnie The Pooh app for Android.
Download Winnie The Pooh from Android Market.

Phonealytics Free Version

Phonealytics Free Version
Phonealytics Free Version is now available for Windows Phone 7 users. If you do not know what Phonealytics is, I will give some idea to laying out another tool that is very similar to Phonealytics. Yup, Phonealytics's similar tool is Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is certainly no stranger to you especially if you are a web developer who has a lot of websites or you are an enthusiast blogger. Whatever it is, whether a web developer or a blogger you would like to stalk your web readers, and Google Analytics is the right tool to presenting statistical analysis.

Phonealytics then used to replace Google Analytics when there is no computer in front of you or when you’re in mobile. Normally, to get Phonealytics you have to pay £1.49 ($1.99). Phonealytics Free Version also offers you the full features except Live Tile features. Phonealytics Free Version is not a trial version of Phonealytics Paid Version because they are different.

Please download Phonealytics Paid Version or Phonealytics Free Version. Choose what you like.
Adopted from wpcentral.

Virgin Mobile Launches Galaxy S II

Virgin Mobile Launches Galaxy S II

Virgin Mobile launches Galaxy S II 4G today coincided with the launch of Galaxy S II in Canada by Bell. You can get the Galaxy S II from Virgin Mobile at $169.99 on a 3-year contract.

In addition, if you make an online purchase from 20 July to 25 July you will get a bonus in the form $25 value gift cards and free Shiping. The features of Samsung galaxy S II 4G is a 4.3-inch display using Super AMOLED Plus using TouchWiz 4.0 UI, HSPA+ Network, 1.2GHz dual-core CPU, and 1 GB of RAM. If you wish to purchase Galaxy S II from Virgin Mobile with a retail price, then you need to spend approximately $599.99.
Check this out at Virgin.
Thank to Anton D. Nagy from

Updated Netflix Supports Honeycomb

Updated Netflix Supports Honeycomb

After a short time ago we discussed the Netflix update for HTC EVO 4G, we will now discuss more pleasant news, especially for Tablet owners. Now, some owners of tablets have a bit glad since updated Netflix supports Honeycomb.

Haha, actually this Netflix update just like the other update which intends to allow support for additional devices, but unfortunately the updated Netflix also runs on Honeycomb. Some of the tablets that can run Netflix include ASUS Transformer (not all), Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and Motorola XOOM.

If you're curious, just download the updated Netflix which supports Honeycomb.
Adopted from droidlife.

Beyond Talk Plans and Motorola Triumph

Beyond Data Plans and Motorola Triumph
Best Buy has been offering Motorola Triumph for Virgin Mobile since a few weeks ago. With the launch of the Motorola Triumph, Virgin Mobile also introduced the new Virgin Mobile's data plans. This non-contract plans ranging from $35 to $55 which named new Beyond Talk Plans, and Motorola Triumph has became the first mobile phone launched by Virgin Mobile to introduce Beyond Talk Plans.

Tariff changes were also introduced along with the new Beyond Talk Plans.
Unlimited Data/Text with 300 minutes (anytime minutes) $25 – increase to $35
Unlimited Data/Text with 1200 minutes $40 (anytime minutes) – increase to $45
Unlimited everything $60 will drop to only $55

$55 unlimited everything plans is a great buy, but in October Virgin Mobile plans to add data caps to this unlimited plan. It means when you’ve used over than 2.5GB of data, your speed will be reduced like a turtle when it walks.

Motorola Triumph has a HDMI out, 1GHz CPU, 5MP rear-facing camera, 4.1-inch display, and front-facing VGA camera. So is the right decision if you choose to use a Motorola Triumph and subscribe to Unlimited Everything (but) before your calendar shows October.

HTC Desire Update Fixs WiFi Issue

HTC Desire Update Fixs WiFi Issue

After discussing the security update for Samsung Focus v1.4 on the previous post, now thecybergal will discuss update for HTC Desire which fixs WiFi issue. This update is a stock update 2.50.405.2 which was distributed through the air.

Several members at xda developers forum complaining about some problems after the update like batteries become depleted rapidly and HTC's location (GPS) does not work any more. We hope that users of Desire HD that have been getting updates 2.50.405.2 to share some information on the advantages or disadvantages about your update. Thank...

Security Update for Samsung Focus v1.4

Security update for Samsung Focus v1.4 is now being sent, after windowsteam working hard to speed up the schedule updates to the mobile phone. You need to connect your Samsung Focus v1.4 to the PC and go ahead to Settings and "check for update" to get the update.

This update does not just give a security fix (7392) but also gives NoDo update (7390). Below are excerpts from windowsteamblog regarding security update for Samsung Focus v1.4.

A few months back I explained that you may occasionally receive a notification of a hardware-specific update for your particular Windows Phone. These updates improve things like battery life, call clarity and touch responsiveness - to name a few examples. These updates are designed to make specific improvements. Not every phone around the world needs the same package of improvements. In some cases no update at all is needed. I wanted to remind you of this because some of you will start to see these types of updates soon, and I wanted you to have a little insight into what is included. It’s all part of keeping your Windows Phone in tip-top shape.

- Eric Hautala

From the quote above, not every phone in the world will require the same package for improvement. But the packages will be adjusted to the needs of each phone. So for phone owners who have not received updates schedule, we hope to be patient.

Motorola Dinara, the Next Product After Droid Bionic

Motorola Dinara, the Next Product After Droid Bionic
After we discussed rumors about iPad 3, this time thecybergal will provide rumors again. This rumor comes from Motorola which reportedly will add one more Android device after Droid Bionic.

One such device is the Motorola Dinara, the next product after Droid Bionic. If Droid Bionic announced at CES can make a breakthrough by becoming the first dual-core mobile device for Verizon's LTE network, so the successor-Motorola Dinara-can also create a new breakthrough in mobile phone specification.

Before discussing about the specifications of the Motorola Dinara, let's briefly look at its codename. Dinara is actually the name of a mountain range. It seems that Motorola really liked the philosophy of the mountain because they often use the names of the mountain as a codename for their products (Atrix, Xoom, Etna, etc). Well if you do not care about the codename used by Motorola as you feel curious about the specifications, then the quote below is expected to be able to answer your curiosity.

TI Processor (presumably some dual-core OMAP4)
"HD" Screen (probably qHD, but maybe higher resolution)
13 MP rear and VGA front cameras
Thinner and lighter, bigger screen, but same size as Bionic
Internal (non-replaceable battery)

Thats glimpse of the discussion about Motorola Dinara, once again thecybergal conveys that spec above may be true, and may be wrong because this is just a rumor. We will provide the latest updates so the news can be a valid and reliable. Cheers...
Source: androidcommunity

High Resolution Display for iPad 3

High Resolution Display for iPad 3
Until now, rumor about the iPad 3 continues to grow, even recent reports say that the iPad 3 will use a 3D screen. Quoted from phonearena, the Cupertino’s mobile manufacturer is now being tested 9.7 inch LCD screen which made by Samsung and LG as a preparation for the iPad 3.

Another interesting news to be heard is the high resolution display of iPad 3. Some rumors have even told that the iPad 3 will use QXGA screen or about 2048 x 1536 pixels and clock in 264 ppi.

If you look at the companies that Apple elected to make 9.7 inch High Resolution Display for iPad 3-Samsung and LG-it seems not impossible if iPad 3 will actually use QXGA screen. This conclusion arises because when the Society for Information Display (SID) held in Los Angeles last May, Samsung is able to demonstrate an LCD screen that uses the "Retina-Display" technology.

This latest news confirms the previous posts that discussed the Retina Display that will be used by iPad 3. Will the hostility between Apple and Samsung about the legal issues can be eased with the cooperation of the two giant mobile phone manufacturers? Let's see how the continuation of the story.

Category Update for Windows Phone Market

Category Update for Windows Phone Market
Category update for Windows Phone Market was just forced outside by Microsoft. Update this time just a minor updates, as well as AppHub which was re-launched to add several features.

Please see the picture above, you can read the words "health + fitness". Prior to the category update for Windows Phone Market, then the text will read like this: "healt and fitness". Yup, that's right, the change is the replacement of "and" with a "+" sign that makes it easier to read.

Besides the above changes, is now also available a special category dedicated to "Books" and "Business". For the games lovers, you will find it easier when exploring Windows Phone Market as there are more detailed categories like the "classic", "strategy + simulation", "shooter", and others. If you're curious, just run the Windows Marketplace from your phone and go ahead to the Apps.
Picture taken from wpcentral.

Will BlackBerry PlayBook Still be Produced?

Will BlackBerry PlayBook Still be Produced?
A response came from the RIM about the question; will the BlackBerry PalyBook still be produced? The response from RIM is answering the statement of RBC Capital Markets Managing Director, Mike Abramsky who picked up the story of OTR Global about the cessation of production BlackBerry PlayBook Wi-Fi version.

Mike Abramsky concluded that the weak sales of BlackBerry PlayBook Wi-Fi are the cause of discontinuation of production of the BlackBerry Playbook Wi-Fi version. In addition, through the production stopping of the BlackBerry Playbook Wi-Fi, RIM will be able to focus in the development of their PlayBook 4G.

Through their twitter account, RIM considers that the conclusion of Mike Abramsky as Pure Fiction. As a rebuttal again, RIM said that BlackBerry PalayBook Wi-Fi still launched in new countries almost every week.
Picture taken from BGR.

HTC Puccini Tablet Carried by AT&T

HTC Puccini Tablet Carried by AT&T
HTC Puccini Tablet that uses the Android Honeycomb OS will soon be available on store shelves after officially pass the FCC. With the advent of HTC Puccini Tablet, the HTC has two product tablets after released the previous product, HTC Flyer.

HTC Puccini Tablet will be carried by AT&T that gives GSM networks with the frequencies 850, 1900 MHz and 3G WCDMA 850 and 1900MHz. Other specs of the HTC Puccini Tablet are dual speakers included, and when compared to its predecessor-the HTC Flyer, the HTC Puccini has a larger screen about 3 inches.

Do not expect you can use the HTC Puccini Tablet to take a photograph, because it has no a 3D camera. Until now thecybergal doesn’t know what number will be given as price of HTC Puccini Tablet, so if you already have the HTC Puccini we hope you will share the cost information with us.

Virtual Keyboard BlackBerry Torch 2

Have you know that the BlackBerry OS 7 have a virtual QWERTY keyboard? Now the feature is also owned by other RIM devices, yup as Torch 2 9810 will get updates that brings a virtual QWERTY keyboard on the BlackBerry Torch 2 9810.

Virtual keyboard BlackBerry Torch 2 is slightly shorter and the buttons were boxier when compared with the BlackBerry Playbook. Another difference is the replacement of the instant internet key with a question mark button. In addition, in the third row there are two shift keys, one at the end of the right, and one at the end of the left.

For more details, please see the picture below.
Virtual Keyboard BlackBerry Torch 2
Looks like a lot of changes have been made by RIM such an increase in the spec and the addition of new features provided through an update. Will it makes the BlackBerry Torch2 stronger to compete with Apple iPhone and Android?
The picture taken from

London Windows Phone App Helps People to Save Their Environment

London Windows Phone App
Actual features of smartphones such as camera, GPS, and internet can be optimized not only for personal purposes but also for the public interest.

In London, these features-which combined with London Windows Phone App-can be used by citizens to participate in protecting the environment by reporting vandalism, litter, and other disorders by taking pictures of the disturbing things and upload it to a public message board that can be used as a reference by the authorities to take an action.

Using the London Windows Phone app, people can more easily to participate actively to the preservation of their environment. It really shows the benefits of technology in the real life of a community. The results are very clear, the town has reduced graffiti by 73% and response time has gone from 2.5 days to just about 0.5 days.

But, maybe for some people when saw some garbages on the street they will choose to bring it up. It is exactly like the action will I take when I saw the same thing. How about you?

The First Windows Phone Mango from ZTE

ZTE which is the fourth largest handset manufacturer in the world, according to research from IDC now keep moving and do not want to miss from Fujitsu which has released the first Fujitsu's Windows Phone 7.5-based device.

Reportedly, the ZTE’s first Windows Phone Mango will soon be released later this fall. Until now, there is no more information about Windows Phone Mango from ZTE. The information obtained by thecybergal was limited the fact that ZTE will issue several series of phones based on Windows Phone Mango.

About the dualism of the ZTE which producing Android-based phones and Windows Mobile-based phone, Dr. Luo Zhong Sheng, General Manager of Mobile Communications at ZTE said that the potential market share of Windows Phone will exceed the market share than the Android has.

Below is a photo of the first Windows Phone Mango from ZTE taken from

The First Windows Phone Mango from ZTEThe First Windows Phone Mango from ZTE2
Referring to the prediction of Dr. Luo Zhong Sheng above, is this be an indication of the rise of Microsoft in the mobile segment? Let’s wait n see...

'My friend's been hacked' Feature Added by Hotmail

'My friend's been hacked' Feature Added by Hotmail
There are a lot of email facilities offered by some providers, such as gmail from Google, yahoo!mail from Yahoo, and Hotmail from Microsoft. These emails are divided into free email (usually for individuals) and paid email (normally used by corporate). But, whatever the choice, either free or paid, should both provide security for its users.

Associated with security, then the Hotmail add new features, "My friend’s been hacked". The new feature of Hotmail can filter out spam that comes from reliable sources. Now, when you have flooded by email from your friend and find that the emails from your friends is not as usual, you can select "My friend's been hacked" from the "Mark as" menu.

I think this person was hacked
When you move a letter into Junk, you can click a box that reads: "I think this person was hacked". What have you did before is going to kick spammers and your friends are going through a cleaning process called "recovery account flow" in the next time when they try to log in. In my humble opinion, tagging messages with "I think this person was hacked" will hurt our friends because we might be doing the marking is only meant for a joke, but our friends still have to go through the process "recovery accounts flow" that helps them take back control of the account.
So, do you agree with my humble opinion about the new feature "My friend’s been hacked” from the Hotmail, especially a checkbox named "I think this person was hacked"? Give me your feedback...

The First Windows Phone 7.5 From Fujitsu Will Be Launched in August

The news about Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) has been around since the Mobile World Congress 2011 on February months ago. The news just seemed as a warm up to reminder gadget lovers of the upcoming mobile phone with Windows Phone 7.

Now, the news became clear during the holding of the Worldwide Partner Conference 2011 and Microsoft announced some new Windows Phone Mango Devices. There are four devices that have been known to be using Windows Phone 7.5 for the first time. SGH-i937 (Samsung), Acer W4 (Acer), also the two never-seen-before devices from Fujitsu and ZTE.

Excerpted from the Japanese blog,, which quoted by the first Windows Phone 7.5 from Fujitsu adopts Android-based Fujitsu REGZA Phone T-01C. If you look closely the two pictures below, then you will know why the new Fujitsu’s Windows Phone 7.5 is considered has similarity as the Fujitsu Regza T-01C.
The First Windows Phone 7.5 From Fujitsu Will Be Launched in August
Fujitsu REGZA T-01C has specifications such a 12.2MP camera autofocus, DLNA, NFC integration, microSDHC card support, also has 4-inch LCD screen. In addition to the spec, Fujitsu also claims that the Regza T-01C also has water-resistance at a depth up to 1 hour. Then, how does the reaction from the iOS and Android about the first Windows Phone 7.5 from Fujitsu?

SPB Brain Evolution for Android

SPB Brain Evolution for Android
Currently have available many educational games for Android. Some of them are Trivia Road, Quintess Art, GeoQuiz, and SPB Brain Evolution. In this post, thecybergal will discuss about SPB Brain Evolution for Android.

If you are looking for games to train the brain and improve your memory, practice the skill of arithmetic, puzzle-solving, and logical, then SPB Brain Evolution is suitable for you. SPB Brain Evolution for Android combines 12 games to boost our brainpower.

There are 6 categories owned by SPB Brain Evolution; Brain Marking, Brain Training, Logic, and Pattern Orientation, Memory and Calculation, also Facts and Stats. You can only open the next level if you have a good result in a game. Congratulations to practice.
Download SPB Brain Evolution for Android.

LG Optimus Pro C660 and Optimus Net Will Be Soon Available

LG Optimus Pro C660 and Optimus Net Will Be Soon Available
After some time ago there were informations about Android devices from LG have passed the FCC, now the Korean manufacturer officially announced LG Optimus Pro C660 and LG Optimus Net.

Actually, specifications of LG Optimus Pro C660 are not much different from the LG Optimus One which has a portrait form. Optimus Pro C660 is intended as a mobile social networking, sports a full QWERTY keyboard, 2.8- inch display, 800MHz CPU, three-megapixel camera, 1500mAh battery.

If you remember that thecybergal ever made a post about the HTC ChaCha, the shape of Optimus Pro C660 is also almost similar to the Taiwanese mobile phone.

Motorola XT860 4G Launched in Canada

Motorola XT860 4G Launched in Canada
Motorola XT860 4G which is also known as the Droid 3 or Milestone 3 (China) will soon be launched by Bell Mobility this summer. In addition, Motorola XT860 4G is also claimed as one of the thinnest QWERTY Android phone in the world. I think Canada should be proud to Motorola XT860 4G which is also a GSM version of this Droid 3.

Here are some specs from Motorola XT860 4G that launched in Canada, I obtained these data from Motorola’s Mediacenter.
  1. OS Android 2.3 Gingerbread.
  2. 4.0-inch qHD touchscreen display (resolution of 960×540) with a full slide-out 5-row QWERTY.
  3. 8MP rear-facing camera with dual LED flash, 1080p video-capable, and front-facing VGA cam.
  4. Dual-core 1GHz processor, Wi-Fi, and,
  5. Up to 32GB of storage (16GB internal).
So, for thecybergal readers in Canada, you can hunt Motorola XT860 4G in your country right now...:)

Foursquare 3.0 Alpha Brings BBM Integration

Foursquare 3.0 Alpha Brings BBM Integration
Foursquare for BlackBerry 1.9.97 has been recently launched to add links between your Foursquare account with AmEx card and gain more rewards. Actually a few months ago during the BlackBerry World look that Foursquare is demonstrating its integration with the BBM social platform via Foursquare 3.0 Alpha.

Now the demo has become a reality with the release of the Foursquare 3.0 Alpha that brings BBM integration. You can update your BBM status and add the location where you wrote such a status from Foursquare.

To ensure Foursquare 3.0 Alpha that brings BBM integration works properly, you need BBM 6 which you can look at the BlackBerry Beta Zone. Download Foursquare 3.0 Alpha.

Hulu Plus Supports More Android Devices

Hulu Plus Supports More Android Devices
In the last month, thecybergal has written Hulu Plus which could run only on 6 Android devices. In that post, Hulu Plus promises to increase the number of devices that will be supported by the Hulu Plus.

So, in this post thecybergal discusses the realization of the promise of Hulu Plus to supports more Android devices. Now, not only the owner of Nexus, Nexus S, HTC Inspire 4G, II Droid, Droid X, and Motorola Atrix who can use the Hulu Plus. The range has even become 10 after the entry of the HTC Thunderbolt, EVO 4G, MyTouch 4G, and G2 into the range of the Android Devices supported by Hulu Plus.

If you are the owner of one of the ten Android devices above and feel curious about the Hulu Plus, you can get a trial period of 14 days after signing up to or just get Hulu Plus using the QR code below. Happy trying...
Download Hulu Plus from Android Market.

Gingerbread Update for HTC Desire Z

Gingerbread Update for HTC Desire Z
Previously, our ears often hear that the HTC Desire Z will get Gingerbread update in late June, and in the end it did not happen. Maybe this news will treat a little disappointed from the user of HTC Desire Z.

This good news is originated from a report of HTC Germany that wrote "...Today We Can officially confirm - yes". In addition to news from Germany, the news from England is also increasingly clear that there Gingerbread update for HTC Desire Z conveyed through their UK's official Facebook Page. HTC said they had entered the final testing session and will soon launch Gingerbread OTA update for the global device "in the coming weeks"

This post was adopted from pocketnow

If you are an owner of HTC Desire Z and has not received update notifications, you could use a little magic trick by typing *#*#CHECKIN#*#* on your phone dialer or just go ahead into Settings > About Phone to get Gingerbread Update for your HTC Desire Z.

Make Free Calls Using Android

Make Free Calls Using Android
Did you know if Android phones can be used to make free calls. Free, Thecybergal means here is free to calling and texting. If curious, let's continue the discussion on the make free calls using Android.

This paper I took from To make free calls using Android, you do not have to root your device. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection to make calls.

For mobile devices, it is advised to use Android 2.2 Froyo or later, whereas for the tablet device you’re recommended to use Android 3.2 or later. Previously, thecybergal remind all risks that might exist entirely be your responsibility. If you agree, please follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure you have a Google or Gmail account. Register here.
  2. Install Google Voice App to your Android phone.

  3. Install SipDroid app to your Android phone.
  4. Also please install GVoice Callback app to your Android phone (All these three apps have been already available on Android Market).
  5. Sign up to Sip2Sip and wait for their confirmation email (Via computer, not your Android devices).
  6. Once you got the email, open SipDroid from your Android phone and enter the credentials bellow (give the same data when you sign up on the previous step Sip2Sip):
    • Authorization Username: {Username you choose}
    • Password: {Password you were given}
    • Server or Proxy:
    • Domain:
  7. Sign up to IPKall, using the same data like above.
    • Choose your account type: SIP.
    • Choose Area Code for you IPKall Number: (Optional, you will not actually use these numbers).
    • SIP username: {same as you use for SipDroid}.
    • Hostname or IP address:
    • Email address: {same as what you used for SipDroid}.
    • Password: {same as what you used for SipDroid}.
  8. Immediately check your email as you will get an email with your new IPKall phone number and login information.
  9. Sign in to Google Voice and enter your IPKall number as your forwarding number.
  10. Have Google call to confirm the number and enter the confirmation code.
  11. Open up Google Voice on your phone and go through the setup process, making sure you choose "Do not use Google Voice to make any calls" (we will use GVoice Callback).
  12. Open up the GVoice Callback app, login with your Google info and choose your IPKall phone number as the callback number.
  13. On your phone go to "Menu > Settings > Wireless & Network > Wi-Fi Settings > Advanced > W-Fi sleep policy" and change the setting to "Never". This will allow you to still receive calls when your screen turns off.
  14. ENJOY FREE CALLING using your Android phoen! As long as you have a wi-fi connection, you can make unlimited free calls in the US.
That's all the trciks to make free calls using Android phone. Tell us your own experiences.