HTC ChaCha in UK

HTC ChaCha now ready for sell in UK. The first smartphone which has Facebook integration button previously announced as pre-order device on February, 2011. HTC itself said that the handset would be released in Q2.

Of course, although the two companies did work together and HTC ChaCha is identical with Facebook, this is not Facebook branded phone. HTC ChaCha will running on the latest version of Android Gingerbread and provides us a physical QWERTY as a input method.

HTC ChaCha sold at around $375 in UK, and give us a huge screen and processor you'll find in the latest other Android phone this June. The Facebook key in the front of handset provides instant access to the social network that make us quickly updates our status.

Although the UK has started selling the HTC ChaCha, but it seems there is no carriers in the U.S. which are interested in holding HTC ChaCha. Some rumor told that this handset might find at AT&T. So, how about you guys, would you interested with this Facebook integrated smartphone-HTC ChaCha?

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