IM+ Update for iPhone (IM+ 5.2)

IM+ Update for iPhone
After IM+ Windows Phone version officially released, IM+ has just been updated for the iPhone version. This update brings IM+ to version 5.2. IM+ update for the iPhone this time adds the location identification also IM+ 5.2 can finds new friends in your local area.

For the comfort of privacy issues, IM+ 5.2 on iPhone also includes privacy settings features that allow users to change their position to a specific location, general neighborhood, or city, and the user can shows off the local notification.

If you have purchased IM+ for iPhone which was priced at $9.99 (IM+ Pro), you can upgrade your existing IM+ freely to be IM+ 5.2 which can also send chat history via email and have some performance improvements.
Download IM+ 5.2 for iPhone

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