Extreme Protection iPhone Cases

Earlier I want to tell you that I am not an iPhone owner or employee of an iPhone cases company. If this video is not fake, maybe the material used as an iPhone protector is worth mentioning as best iPhone cases. I can not ascertain the truth about the video, please check it yourself ...

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Install Amarok 2.5 in Ubuntu

A free cross-platform music player for KDE licensed GNU General Public License version 2, Amarok 2.5 was just released on December 20 yesterday. Amarok 2.5 has the code name "Earth Moving" is undergoing several improvements including:
  • GPodder.net podcast synchronization.
  • Re-written USB Mass Storage support.
  • The Windows version of Amarok is now officially declared stable.
  • Many bugfixes to the iPod plugin, thanks to Matěj Laitl.

Install Android on HP Touchpad

Hello guys, in this post I wanna share you a video tutorial about how to install Android on HP Touchpad. This tuts uses CM7 and you need to download the files below:
  • gapps-gb-20110828-signed.zip
  • update-cwm_tenderloin-1012.zip
  • moboot_0.3.3.zip
  • update-cm-7.1.0-tenderloin-a1-fullofbugs.zip
  • ACMEInstaller.zip

Grab those files from http://rootzwiki.com/topic/10121-releasealpha35cyanogenmod-touchpad/

Run Aria2 in Linux Mint 12

Aria2 is a program that is familiar to Linux users who frequently have download activity. It's an internet download manager for linux platform. It works like an IDM for Windows OS users. The different is Aria2 download manager works using command line in your Terminal.

Below are some useful Aria2’s commands for Ubuntu or Linux Mint 12 users:
Run all commands in your Terminal.
  1. Install Aria2.
    sudo apt-get install aria2
  2. Download a file from the internet.
    aria2c [link to the file]
    e. g. If you want to download linux mint 12 ISO
    aria2c http://linuxmint.idrepo.or.id/linuxmint/linuxmint.com/stable/12/linuxmint-12-gnome-dvd-32bit.iso

Install MangoDB in Ubuntu Server & Desktop

Hello friends, on this Saturday night, I want to share how to install MangoDB in your Ubuntu Server and your Ubuntu Desktop. The way is easy, we only need three simple steps to do. The ways to install in these different Ubuntu are same.

Firts, edit your /etc/apt/sources.list. You can edit the sources.list using GEdit or any program that fits to you.

Second, add the line below:
# MongoDB
deb http://downloads-distro.mongodb.org/repo/ubuntu-upstart dist 10gen

Linux Mint With Ubuntu’ Unity

Linux Mint pretty much talked about lately. The latest version, Linux Mint "Lisa" has even shifted the position of Ubuntu on DistroWatch. The “defeat” of the Ubuntu was considered because Unity Desktop introduced since Ubuntu 11.04.
Linux Mint login screen

Linux Mint itself offers two options desktop environment. GNOME 3 with GNOME Mint Shell Extension (MGSE) and MATE, a GNOME 2' fork. However, not everyone hates Unity owned by Ubuntu. Even some Linux users attempt to install the Unity Desktop on their Linux Mint. I belong to one of them.

Growl Fork for Mac OS X Lion (Free)

Growl Fork for Mac OS X Lion (Free)
Notification system that displays fading pop-up notification, Growl must be very familiar to users of Mac OS X. There are many applications that use Growl as their notification system on Mac OS X.

Unfortunately, the application of this notification is not compatible with Mac OS X Lion. You have to pay $2 to make the application runs smoothly in the latest version of Mac OS.

Install Mac OS X' Color Calibration On Ubuntu

Install Mac OS X' Color Calibration On Ubuntu
The color screen on Mac OS X does seem more colorful than the other operating system. Mac OS X itself using different staining systems. It uses a CMYK staining systems (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key), whereas in Ubuntu we found a different staining, RGB (Red Green Blue).

The different coloring systems are often making a mess on the pattern of the coloring designs, especially the frequent use of image processing applications such as me, often encounter problems related to color. If I design an image on Mac OS X then open it in Ubuntu, the color produced on my screen tend to be different. It gives me a little of trouble when need recalibration.

Ubuntu Pay Now Supports PayPal

Yesterday, Ubuntu Pay adding a new support. This support will be good news for those of you who intensively make some transactions using PayPal. Support for PayPal will handle electronic payments for commercial applications in the Ubuntu Software Center.

Mac OS X Lion Tips: Hide The Spotlight Icon

Hello readers, this time thecybergal will share tips to hide the Spotlight icon in Mac OS X Lion. These tips just hide, do not disable Spotlight so you can still use your regular search capabilities found in the Finder or other applications that depend on the Spotlight metadata.
Mac OS X Lion Tips: Hide The Spotlight Icon
To hide the Spotlight menu in Mac OS X Lion, follow the steps below:
  1. Open the Terminal (Application -> Utilities) and run the command below:
    sudo chmod 600 /System/Library/CoreServices/Search.bundle/Contents/MacOS/Search
  2. You have to refresh the menubar. Do it by kill SystemUIServer process:
    killall SystemUIServer

Download Linux Mint 12 Lisa

Linux Operating System that has been waited by the fans, Linux Mint 12 was recently launched. For additional info, Linux Mint derived from Debian and adopt on Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) supported by Linux 3.0 kernel, X. Org 7.6 and GNOME 3.2

The release of Linux Mint 12 is very special. It contains new user interaface built on GNOME 3 Desktop Environtment. This GNOME gives 2 classical panes to the user so this make the migration process to the GNOME 3 more fun.

It also provides MATE desktop interface for all of you who love GNOME 2. Below is the screenshoot of this distro.

Install Emerald Theme Manager in Linux Mint 12

Hello there, in this post I will share how to install Emerald Theme Manager in Linux Mint. This post also speaks a bit of compiz 1.0.9 in order to install ETM in Linux Mint. Everything runs well, but does it at your own risk and don’t forget to backup your data.
  1. Install Linux Mint 12 in your computer or in VirtualBox. (to stop from getting update during installation process, I recommend you to turn off your network).
  2. Log in to Gnome3, run MintUpdate and do not install all updates except the update number 1.
  3. After the update #1 done, log out from Gnome3 and then log into MATE desktop environment.

Sony Nex-5n Compact Camera

Sony adds to its compact camera line, NEX-5N with a camera lens that can be exchanged. The lens placed in a lightweight magnesium alloy body with 23.3mm as a thickness point. NEX-5N is equipped with a 16.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor Exmor APS HD and Sony BIONZ image processing engine.

Sony NEX-5N also provides Picture Effects that simplify the creation of advanced artistic effects through your camera, which is offered in 1 mode and 15 effects. Including the new HDR Painting, Soft Focus, Miniature, Rich-Tone Monochrome and High Soft-Key. You also can find a 3D Sweep panorama mode, soft leather, auto HDR, handheld twilight and anti-blur modes.

Sony will release this ultra compact camera in early October with 18-55mm zoom lens kit (SEL1855 model) priced at about $700 and the package body only priced at about $600. The camera is available in black and silver and can already pre-order at Amazon.com.

For more info, you can refer to http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/NEX5N/NEX5NA.HTM

Mac OS X Lion' Video Tips

Hello there, in this post I show you a YouTube video about some Mac OS X Lion' tips. This video tips can ease your tasks... The narrator doesn't speak in English but I think this will give you some clues...

Happy watching...:)

Lightscribe Disc Easily in Ubuntu

Hello there, so long I didn’t write anything. For a few days ago, I was sick. Well, on this Friday thecybergal will share how to LighScribe your disc easily in Ubuntu. This post require Ubuntu 11.04 (I don’t know for older version, hope this post can be applied too), DiscWrapper, and LaCie.

First, we will install DiscWrapper to design our disc’s cover. This software has been available in the repositories. To install it, run the command below in your Terminal.

Download Online Flash Game

When you feel boring to find something useful in your browsing activities, maybe some of you decide to relax for some moments by playing online games. Most of online games that we often find are an online flash game.

In this post, I will share you how to download your favorite online flash games so you can play it offline. To do that, you need Online Game Downloader which is free software. It offers you an easy way to download flash game.
Download Online Flash Game

Remote Windows 7 Using Ubuntu

If you work as a network administrator may already be familiar with the remote desktop connection. With a remote desktop connection, you can perform some maintenance tasks without having to come to the site. In this post, I will discuss the remote desktop connection in Windows 7 from Ubuntu Natty, Maverick, or Lucid.

Follow the steps below:
  1. First, you have to set up the System Properties on the Windows 7 computer (target computer).
    Press Windows key+R on your keyboard and type “sysdm.cpl” or go to Control Panel => System Properties.
  2. Enable Remote Desktop Connection by give some checkmark. See the picture below.

Install FreeMind in Ubuntu Linux

Have you ever had an idea to be realized that it took steps and the stages are quite complicated? Or you have difficulty in memorizing the division or classification of a problem at school? Try FreeMind, this application is a mind mapping application that allows us to map out ideas and can also be used to understand the school or college lessons.
Install FreeMind in Ubuntu Linux

Share Ubuntu Network to Mac Lion Using Netatalk

In some forums there are some hot topics that some people can no longer share their network to Mac OS X Lion after they update their servers to Ubuntu 11.10 due to Netatalk can not run properly. For additional information, Netatalk is a daemon which provides POSIX-compliant *NIX/*BSD systems with the ability to share files and printers with Apple Macintosh computers.

So through this post I want to share how to fix Netatalk on Ubuntu server 11.10 so you can share your network with a Mac Lion. Follow the steps below:
  1. Remove Netatalk completely:
    sudo apt-get remove netatalk --purge
    sudo rm /etc/netatalk -R -f
  2. Edit the sources.list file to add a new repository with Netatalk 2.2.1. Add two lines below:
    deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/jstrunk-math/ppa/ubuntu oneiric main
    deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/jstrunk-math/ppa/ubuntu oneiric main