Ubuntu Pay Now Supports PayPal

Yesterday, Ubuntu Pay adding a new support. This support will be good news for those of you who intensively make some transactions using PayPal. Support for PayPal will handle electronic payments for commercial applications in the Ubuntu Software Center.

This new feature will help Ubuntu users to buy commercial applications, ebooks and magazines from the Software Center with their PayPal account comfortably and safely. Previously, users could only use credit cards and debit cards. Now with support for PayPal certainly be even easier for Ubuntu users. " a frequently-requested option by users who don’t have credit/debit cards or who get charged conversion fees by their bank for non-local currency transactions“, adds Stuart Metcalfe, Canonical ISD manager.

Basically, this is a feature that gets warm reviews that will contribute to strengthening the policy circles of the Ubuntu application ecosystem where we will get the ease of purchasing. These advantages are also felt by application developers and also enhance the attractiveness of Ubuntu as a "snapshot" target of the application developers.
Via Ubuntugeek.

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