Install Emerald Theme Manager in Linux Mint 12

Hello there, in this post I will share how to install Emerald Theme Manager in Linux Mint. This post also speaks a bit of compiz 1.0.9 in order to install ETM in Linux Mint. Everything runs well, but does it at your own risk and don’t forget to backup your data.
  1. Install Linux Mint 12 in your computer or in VirtualBox. (to stop from getting update during installation process, I recommend you to turn off your network).
  2. Log in to Gnome3, run MintUpdate and do not install all updates except the update number 1.
  3. After the update #1 done, log out from Gnome3 and then log into MATE desktop environment.
  4. Install libemeraldengine0 from root. Grab it from this here.32-bit or 64-bit.
    Make sure the installation process goes well, check it from the synaptic. You will see a green box if all work properly.
  5. Open Terminal and run as root
  6. Go to /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/gtk-2.0/include and find the gdkconfig.h file or you can search it in your "File System". Copy the gdkconfig.h file to /usr/include/gtk-2.0/gdk/
    Make sure the gdkconfig.h is owned by root and root can read and write and it is executable. For 32-bit user, the gdkconfig.h can be found in /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/gtk-2.0/include/
    For the permission illustration, see the picture below:
  7. Now, install the Emerald using git (run the Terminal as root)
  8. apt-get install autoconf git intltool libdecoration0-dev libtool libwnck1.0-cil-devlibwnck-dev
  9. git clone git://
    There will be 2272 objs
  10. cd emerald
  11. git checkout -b compiz++ origin/compiz++
  12. This is the critical step. You have to take the ownership of the file inside the emerald directory to prevent getting error. Run the Nautilus as root mode.
    sudo nautilus
    then navigate to emerald and right click the emerald folder and under properties, permissions, You must be the Owner with the right to “Create and Delete” and Root must be group with the right to “Create and Delete” like this:
  13. Then go inside the folder emerald->pres CTRL+A->right-click->properties->permissions. Root must be the owner, with create, delete, read and write, root must be the group with create, delete, read and write, and check the box executable.
  14. Continue and run Terminal as root in the emerald folder and type:
  15. ./
  16. ./configure --prefix=/usr/local
  17. make
  18. make install
  19. If you get an error after run the "make" command which tell you about "interger", please re-check your ownership in the previous step.
  20. Use synaptic and install fusion icon and Compiz Settings Manager.
  21. Now go into folder emerald/pixmaps and You take ownership of the emerald-theme-manager-icon.png file, then log out and in and go to menu, emerald, right click properties and install the icon you just took ownership of.
  22. Go to menu/preferences/autostart applications and make fusion-icon to auto run on startup.
  23. Log out and back in and click on fusion icon in the panel – then run Emerald, and import themes which you can get from here.
That's all, how to install ETM in your Linux Mint. now you have Emerald Theme Manager in your Linux Mint 12. Hope it useful.
Via Linuxmint community. From Iamwithin post.


  1. I get the following:
    fr2632v3 include # apt-get install autoconf git intltool libdecoration0-dev libtool libwnck1.0-cil-devlibwnck-dev
    Reading package lists... Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information... Done
    E: Unable to locate package libwnck1.0-cil-devlibwnck-dev
    E: Couldn't find any package by regex 'libwnck1.0-cil-devlibwnck-dev'

    1. put a space in there between libwnck1.0-cil-dev and libwnck-dev