Install Mac OS X' Color Calibration On Ubuntu

Install Mac OS X' Color Calibration On Ubuntu
The color screen on Mac OS X does seem more colorful than the other operating system. Mac OS X itself using different staining systems. It uses a CMYK staining systems (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key), whereas in Ubuntu we found a different staining, RGB (Red Green Blue).

The different coloring systems are often making a mess on the pattern of the coloring designs, especially the frequent use of image processing applications such as me, often encounter problems related to color. If I design an image on Mac OS X then open it in Ubuntu, the color produced on my screen tend to be different. It gives me a little of trouble when need recalibration.

Actually, Mac OS X’s color calibration on Ubuntu is so easy, you just need to install Xcalib and then copy the color profile file on Mac Os X and paste it to Ubuntu’s directory (/etc/xcalib). Xcalib in ubuntu has the function as a monitor calibrator. The Mac OS X’s color calibration process in Ubuntu as follows:
  1. Install Xcalib from Terminal:
    sudo apt-get install xcalib
  2. Download Mac OS X' color profile, extract it to /etc/xcalib directory
    mkdir xcalib
    cp osx_color-profile.tar.gz xcalib
    tar xzvf osx_color-profile.tar.gz
    cp -r ../xcalib/ /etc/
  3. Restart your desktop:
    sudo service gdm restart

That's all how to install Mac OS X' color calibration in your Ubuntu. Hope it useful...:)
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  1. Oh, thanks for posting. I've been searching on internet for a tool like this for an unbelievably long time.