Share Ubuntu Network to Mac Lion Using Netatalk

In some forums there are some hot topics that some people can no longer share their network to Mac OS X Lion after they update their servers to Ubuntu 11.10 due to Netatalk can not run properly. For additional information, Netatalk is a daemon which provides POSIX-compliant *NIX/*BSD systems with the ability to share files and printers with Apple Macintosh computers.

So through this post I want to share how to fix Netatalk on Ubuntu server 11.10 so you can share your network with a Mac Lion. Follow the steps below:
  1. Remove Netatalk completely:
    sudo apt-get remove netatalk --purge
    sudo rm /etc/netatalk -R -f
  2. Edit the sources.list file to add a new repository with Netatalk 2.2.1. Add two lines below:
    deb oneiric main
    deb-src oneiric main
  3. Reinstall the Netatalk:
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install netatalk
  4. Edit the file /etc/netatalk/afpd.conf:
    - -tcp -noddp -uamlist, -nosavepassword -setuplog "default log_info /var/log/afpd.log"
    There was little change in the afpd.conf file above with Netatalk used on earlier Ubuntu version where replaced with The change refers to bug, see it on
  5. Edit /etc/netatalk/AppleVolumes.default with your normal shares:
    # The line below sets some DEFAULT, starting with Netatalk 2.1.
    :DEFAULT: options:upriv,usedots
    /media/data "Data" cnidscheme:dbd options:usedots,upriv
  6. The last, restart Netatalk:
    sudo service netatalk restart

That's all to make your Netatalk run properly in Ubuntu Server 11.10 so you can share your network to OS X Lion computer. Hope it useful...
Via Denoo.

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