SMS, The Small but Strong Message Service

sms service
Technology is a very primary thing today. One of them is mobile technology. Mobile technology gives you easily access to the technology though you're traveling. Mobile technology consists of telephone conversation, short messages (sms), and packet data (the most popular now). Sms is the cheapest among the three. For most young people SMS became the most popular trends to communicate. Via sms we can send information briefly, solidly, and clearly.

IM3, a product of PT Indosat Tbk. is one of the cellular operators which focused on sms. It offers cheap rates and tens free sms bonus every day. Not only that, now IM3 begins providing total services, such as Moslem praying times, road maps, gas stations, and others. This is a matching service developed in Indonesia. Maybe in other countries these services are very different. It depends on the individual needs of the majority of its people. To learn about some sms services provided in another country, maybe you can find more detailed information here: pankaj shah 4info.

Returnil, an Alternative Ways when Your Deep Freeze Hacked

Some days ago, I have told you how to hack Deep Freeze 6. Now, I'll share you alternative way related to network protection.

Since Deep Freeze 6 can be hacked, you may try looking for something which has the same function as a Deep Freeze.
Now, I'll give you the answer. The answer is Returnil Virtual System. It immunes your computer from malmware infection. It was released not only in Professional Version but also in Personal Version.
Like a Deep Freeze, the RVS keeps your computer from unwanted change. The different is RVS work on Active Windows Directory only.

For example, as your "Windows System" installed on C and you have just installed the RVS, so everything about alteration will be cleared when the computer restarted.

Make sure you save your current documents outside of Active Windows Directory, e.g. drive D. when you have just one partition, RVS gives you way to create a virtual partition until your current documents can be saved there.
Want to try this tool on your Windows Computer, you just need to click Returnil Virtual System to download.
OK, that’s all today. Hope it useful for you…

The Configuration to Speed Up Browsing Speed

Today, I'll share you how to speed up your browsing speed.

You knew, on my previous post we have talked about how to make firefox faster. Remember, this is not speed up your internet connection but speed up your browsing speed.
The tricks we will talking starts from gpedit. gpedit is a group policy editor from Windows XP. So for you who used another OS, from my deepest heart I'm sorry so much.
The tricks are bellow:
  1. Press Windows button + R.
  2. Type gpedit.msc and press enter button.
  3. Under Computer Configuration go to Administrative Templates.
  4. Go to Network.
  5. Click QoS Packet Scheduler.
  6. Look for the right column, double click Limit Reversable Bandwith and make it enable.
  7. On Bandwith Limit (%), change the value to be 0 (zero).
  8. Apply and Ok.
  9. Restart your computer.
That's all the tip today. Say thanks to masjun.
Hope it helps...

Windows Virtual Memory Too Low

This trick is used to overcome the windows virtual memory warnings.

Windows Virtual Memory alters free space on your hard disk as virtual memory. The conclusion is your computer have two different memory types, the physical memory (RAM) and virual memory.
When the virtual memory is too low, the Windows give you a warning to change the size of virtual memory. These are the steps to change the size of your virtual memory:
  1. Right click My Computer, select Properties.
  2. Under Advanced tab, point your view to Performance and click Settings.
  3. Select Advanced tab and click the Change button.
  4. Initial size, give the value which is not larger than Maximum size.
  5. Maximum size, give any value. The default is thrice from the physical size.
  6. Click Set, and press OK for each appeared windows.
That's all, I hope it's useful for you. Leave your comments or suggestions for better post.

Trick To Block Facebook

This trick is used to block facebook.

Actually, not only facebook can be blocked but also any web addresses, you just have to apply the same principles. As you know, on my previous post which talking about Proxy Server Bypassing via Decimal IP I have shared you how to log on to blocked facebook. So, I think you can call this post as a "counter post" against that post.
Select one of these trick:
  1. Use Parental Control feature from your AntiVirus and type as blocked address.
  2. Go to "C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\etc". Double click the hosts, on the open with window select notepad. At the end of file type:

    Close and save the changes.
  3. Almost same with the previous trick, you just type the following text in the end of file: facebook

    Close and save the changes.
  4. Select one of the trick above, which one most you like.
You can undone the block by restore it (hosts) to the default code.
Ok, taht's all from me. I hope it usefull for you.
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