Trick To Block Facebook

This trick is used to block facebook.

Actually, not only facebook can be blocked but also any web addresses, you just have to apply the same principles. As you know, on my previous post which talking about Proxy Server Bypassing via Decimal IP I have shared you how to log on to blocked facebook. So, I think you can call this post as a "counter post" against that post.
Select one of these trick:
  1. Use Parental Control feature from your AntiVirus and type as blocked address.
  2. Go to "C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\etc". Double click the hosts, on the open with window select notepad. At the end of file type:

    Close and save the changes.
  3. Almost same with the previous trick, you just type the following text in the end of file: facebook

    Close and save the changes.
  4. Select one of the trick above, which one most you like.
You can undone the block by restore it (hosts) to the default code.
Ok, taht's all from me. I hope it usefull for you.
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