Proxy Server Bypassing via Decimal IP

This trick is used to penetrate the blocked sites. Blocking site usually does by your office network administrator.
Follow the steps bellow:
  1. Open command prompt.
  2. Press Windows key + R buttons, type "cmd" and then press "enter" button.
  3. Type "ping [address of a blocked site]" and press "enter" button.
  4. Example: ping We can see the IP number of this site [facebook] is:
  5. Enter the IP number to, just click here now.
  6. This step to change the IP number of the object [facebook] into decimal form. [HTTP://1161803024]
  7. Copy and paste the new address into your favorite browser.
  8. Blocked site has been appeared
  9. Thank to CyberMuttaqin.
  10. Good luck
Adopted from Jasakom

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