Failure Safe Mode Booting

Computer trick to booting via failure safe mode

This is from my true experience. You know, my computer still injected by a virus . My safe mode booting was disabled by the virus. I can’t access the menu to select Safe Mode, Safe Mode With Networking, and Safe Mode With Command Prompt just fine. Every time any of these 3 options, my PC always reboot. I have asked some people who dedicated their time about viruses. They just suggested me to do a small trick, but I thought this trick doesn’t absolutely remove my problem. Whatever… I just want to share, hopefully my passage will be useful for you .

These are the suggested way from them:
  1. Try “start” then “run” and go to "msconfig".
  2. Then in the menu that pop up, select “BOOT.INI” tab.
  3. In that menu there is a box that you can tick to tell the PC to start up in safe mode.

  4. When you want to boot using normal way, just untick the box above.
That’s all, I’m so sorry cuz my English is bad , I hope you can understand what I mean..

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