A0003104.exe on System Volume Information Folder

Hi, I got this from my experience. Some days ago, my computer has been injected by virus. I didn’t know the name about this virus. The after effect I felt was my computer speed became very slow. I have checked into Task Manager, but I think nothing was different. I try to scan my computer using SUPERAntispyware Free. Some viruses have been seen, but SUPERAntispyware couldn’t remove them. The virus was located here:
C:\System Volume Information\ _restore {4E170950-50E0-453F-B281-59338F8EC32E} \ RP16 \ A0003104.exe
Many things I have done to recover my computer. Nothing gave me the answers. Suddenly, I remember that System Volume Information folder is used by Windows to record the data of system configuration. All restore points have been saved into this folder. The restore points allow you to return to the stable configuration, that it precedes the installation of a driver program.
Ok, let’s go to the point now. These are the steps to remove the virus above which located in the system volume information folder:

  1. Right click on my computer icon, and select properties.
  2. Click on the System Restore tab.

  3. Check “Turn off System Restore on all drives and click apply button.
  4. A confirmation window ask you about turning off System Restore, just click “yes”.

  5. You must to check the System Restore by press Start menu button, All programs, Accessories, System Tools, And System Restore to ensure all restore points have been deleted. If the restore point was blanked, it means you have finished all steps to remove the viruses on the System Volume Information folder.
That’s all from me, I hope it will useful for you . Oh, don’t forget to re-active your System Restore to prevent you lose the important settings of your system. I'm so sorry, my English is bad . I hope you're understanding what I mean..

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