Description to Win32/Agent.ab

Win32/TrojanDownloader.Agent.AB trojan is Downloader which is malware.

Installing it is extremely not recommended. This program designed to retrieve and install additional files, when run. Most will be configured to retrieve from a designated web or FTP sites. Ranging from downloaders that can download and run executables without the user's knowledge to simple spyware components. In some cases, for example, when an unsuspecting user enters a webpage that contains code that exploits flaws in certain browsers the malware is automatically downloaded and executed. This malware might download other malware such as spyware and drop a browser helper object. It might even hijack the users machine, interrupt online searches or send out sensitive information, for example a list of the webpages that the user has visited.
  1. The home page address is modified.
  2. File signature: %Windows%\temp\phg16189.exe
  3. Denied access or redirected when entering certain previously available webpages, usually anti-malware/security related webpages.
  4. Unknown entries found in favorites.
  5. Internet searches are redirected to another online search engine.
Manual Win32/TrojanDownloader.Agent.AB trojan removal:
  • Kill process Windows\temp\phg16189.exe
  • Delete file Windows\temp\phg16189.exe
Important notes:
Be sure you get the last update of your antivirus software.
Update your windows regularly using automatic update (just for original version) .
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