Change The boot.ini Configuration

On the previous post Failure Safe Mode Booting, I have told you another way to get into safe mode without pressing F8 button. Actually, I wouldn’t recommend this trick for you. Why? The reason is my computer couldn’t boot at all after tried the trick. If you've already tried these tricks, you should to change the boot.ini configuration through another computer (your hard drive used as a slave disk on another computer) because your computer can’t be used for booting. Make sure you change the jumper disk position as a slave disk.

Follow these steps carefully:
  1. Try to go to the cmd prompt by pressing Win key + R.
  2. Get your drive (e. g. E) by typing "e:\" (without quotes) and press enter.
  3. After you got into your drive (E:) type "boot.ini" and press enter.
  4. You should get this window.

    picture of safe mode configuration
  5. remove the text "/neoexecute=optin" and "/safemode:minimal".
  6. Your boot.ini file should be seen like this.

  7. Save your boot.ini file.
  8. Shut down the PC and get your hard disk.
  9. Try to normally booting using your hard disk.
  10. Remove the viruses that causing your failure safe mode using trusted antivirus.
That’s all, I hope you’re understanding my language…I’m sorry, my English is poor. I never study when I schooled.

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