Detect and Prevent The Hacker Attack

Trick to detecting hacker attacks is not an easy task, especially for an inexperienced user. This is caused most of the computer weakness can be exploited in a variety of ways. Hacker may use many kinds of attacks which can be separated became 4 parts.
A hacker attack may use a single specific exploit, several exploit in the same time, a misconfiguration on your system, even from the backdoor which injected on the previous attack. The steps below will help you reduce the hacker attacks, although no system is 100% secure. This is a prevention step that may be helpful for you.
  1. Beware high network traffic, especially when the computer is idle. Your computer may have been used to send spams that will double him selves. Cable users, don’t fret – with cable it is quite normal to have the same amount of outgoing and incoming traffic.
  2. Increased disk activity or suspicious looking files in the root directory. After hacking into a system, many hackers run a massive scan for any interesting documents or files containing passwords or logins for bank or e-payment.
  3. If your personal firewall is reporting blocking large packets of data from the same IP address, that could mean that someone is probing your defense and is trying to break in. Remember – having a personal firewall is essential if you want to keep your computer away from harm.
  4. Try increasing protection when your anti-virus software starts finding a lot of trojans and backdoors.
That’s all my share today, may be you can get the advantage and feel free from the hacker…