Netcut Overview

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Hi guys, now I'll tell you a naughty tool which used to disconnect the computers in the network. This is a quiet outrageous but user friendly tool, even for a newbie hacker. It called NETCUT. This tool works in Wi****s OS only, like a trojan that exploiting your system. We can call it a software that might broke the computer system.
These steps will bring you to recognize this tool:
  1. Download the NETCUT here
  2. Install and run this tool
  3. Choose your NIC
  4. Scan your network and choose which one is the target
  5. Select the target, and then click the "off" button.
  6. Re-scan the network…what is happens? The target doesn’t appear anymore?
So, what's the important part about this post? The important part is make sure to hide your hostname and IP address while you in some unsecured connection. This just a prevention method, further you can download the "anti-NETCUT" here.
Suggestion: try to use under Linux OS

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