Windows Virtual Memory Too Low

This trick is used to overcome the windows virtual memory warnings.

Windows Virtual Memory alters free space on your hard disk as virtual memory. The conclusion is your computer have two different memory types, the physical memory (RAM) and virual memory.
When the virtual memory is too low, the Windows give you a warning to change the size of virtual memory. These are the steps to change the size of your virtual memory:
  1. Right click My Computer, select Properties.
  2. Under Advanced tab, point your view to Performance and click Settings.
  3. Select Advanced tab and click the Change button.
  4. Initial size, give the value which is not larger than Maximum size.
  5. Maximum size, give any value. The default is thrice from the physical size.
  6. Click Set, and press OK for each appeared windows.
That's all, I hope it's useful for you. Leave your comments or suggestions for better post.

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