Returnil, an Alternative Ways when Your Deep Freeze Hacked

Some days ago, I have told you how to hack Deep Freeze 6. Now, I'll share you alternative way related to network protection.

Since Deep Freeze 6 can be hacked, you may try looking for something which has the same function as a Deep Freeze.
Now, I'll give you the answer. The answer is Returnil Virtual System. It immunes your computer from malmware infection. It was released not only in Professional Version but also in Personal Version.
Like a Deep Freeze, the RVS keeps your computer from unwanted change. The different is RVS work on Active Windows Directory only.

For example, as your "Windows System" installed on C and you have just installed the RVS, so everything about alteration will be cleared when the computer restarted.

Make sure you save your current documents outside of Active Windows Directory, e.g. drive D. when you have just one partition, RVS gives you way to create a virtual partition until your current documents can be saved there.
Want to try this tool on your Windows Computer, you just need to click Returnil Virtual System to download.
OK, that’s all today. Hope it useful for you…