Growl Fork for Mac OS X Lion (Free)

Growl Fork for Mac OS X Lion (Free)
Notification system that displays fading pop-up notification, Growl must be very familiar to users of Mac OS X. There are many applications that use Growl as their notification system on Mac OS X.

Unfortunately, the application of this notification is not compatible with Mac OS X Lion. You have to pay $2 to make the application runs smoothly in the latest version of Mac OS.

Can we use Growl notifications in Mac Lion for free? The answer is yes, we can. We can install Growl Fork and get back the notification in the top right corner of our screens.

Just download Growl Fork for free here and install it. You'll find it in your System Preferences and do some configurations like usual in your Mac Snow Leopard. Please remember that the Growl Fork doesn’t have the latest features from the latest App Store version, but this free app works well.

Hope it useful. Via OSXDaily.

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