VMWare 8.0.1 Unlocker for Mac Lion in Windows 7

If you have a computer running Windows 7 and install VMWare 8.0.1 on it, then this post is perfect for you. Through this post, I will also tell you that Mac OS X Lion can not be used as a guest OS in VMWare 8.0.1 before you add the patch. So this post discusses the pacth/unlocker for VMWare 8.0.1.

See the screenshoots below to get the overview.

VMWare 8.0.1 Unlocker for Mac Lion in Windows 7
As I mentioned above, you need the unlocker so your VMWare 8.0.1 can run Mac OS X Lion as a guest OS. Go to this page to download the latest version. Thanks to Donk @insanelymac.

How to apply this patch?
  1. It’s so easy, first you have to close all running VMWare programs.
  2. Extract the patch, the latest version can be applied for Windows, Linux, ESXi, and more. In this post we discussed about patch for Windows 7.
  3. Because this patch will replace the original VMWare files, so I suggest you to backup your VMWare program folder. This patch will also make backups, but I still recommend you to perform manual backup.
  4. Open the extracted patch folder, go to windows folder, and right-click on install.cmd file.
  5. Select Run as administrator option from the pop-up, see the picture below.
  6. If everything goes well, you will see the following screen. This screen will be closed automatically.
    Unlocker for VMWare 8.0.1

That’s all how to unlock VMWare 8.0.1 which installed on Windows 7 machine. Now you can install Mac OS X Lion as a guest OS in your VMWare. Hope it useful :).
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  1. Do you get full QE graphics acceleration in Mac OS Lion? Does it support things like VMWare Unity? What about VMWare Workstation 8.0.2? Can I install this on that version?