USB Error Code 43 in Windows 7

Hello everyone, this time I will write my experience when I got a USB error code 43 in Windows 7. Some time ago, I intend to make backups of my flashdisk content. All went smooth, and because there is modification of the contents of the flashdisk, then I do a backup for the second time. Suddenly the backup process stops, I opened the Device Manager and found error 43 on one of my USB Host Controller.
Error Code 43 USB Host Controller

I am looking for answers by asking Google, and finally found a solution that works well to solve my problem. The conclusion of the answer I got that error 43 was a general problem and will be solved by installing hot fix 398067 from Microsoft. Click here to download the correct hot fix. The hot fix comes from Microsoft, so I guarantee that it's safe. Hope it useful :)
Reference: Microsoft technet.

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