How To Install Scala on Mac Lion

Hello there, in this post I will share how to install Scala on your Mac Lion. First thing you need to do is download the latest Scala compiler. Click here and download the .tgz compiler package. I recommend downloading the.tgz file rather than .jar.

When the download completed, unpack and move it to your user home folder. For example, "/Users/your_user/". Once you moved it to the user's home folder, now create or modify your ".profile" files in your home folder. Open the Terminal and use Vim or Nano to add the line below to the end of file.
export PATH="/Users/your_user/scala/bin:$PATH"
Save and close the modified file. Now apply the changes using this command.
source .profile
Close the Terminal and reopen it to check the result. To verify whether the Scala working well, in the Terminal type in “Scala” and you should see the output like the quote below.
iMac-my:~ ogonbat$ scala
Welcome to Scala version (Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM, Java 1.6.0_26).
Type in expressions to have them evaluated.
Type :help for more information.

Via cingusoft.posterous.