Remove MP3 Background Noise in Mac OS X Using Audacity

Audacity is open-source audio editing software. Perhaps that was a reason made it become one of the favorite software. In this post, thecybergal will share you how to remove background noise using Audacity in Mac OS X.

The first step, open Audacity and then open the MP3 file you want to remove the background noise.
File > Open > and select the file you want to ‘clean’. Once the file opened, you’ll see something like this.

The second step, highlights, remove the noise, and export it. Just use your mouse to make a selection in which the noise located. Make sure you select the proper noise portions. The looks will be like this.
When you have finished make the selections, you had to click Effect > Noise Removal like the pict below.
Remove Noise in MP3 in Mac
A new pop-up window will appears, like this.
Remove Noise in MP3 using Audacity
After you have removed the Noise, don't forget to export it as a 'new clean' MP3 file by selecting File > Export.
Remove Noise in MP3
That's how to remove noise in your MP3 using Audacity. If you found some trouble, make sure your LAME, shampoo, and rinse have been installed correctly and repeat the steps above. Source: audioacrobat.

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