Skype Call Recorder in Linux

Some of us use Skype to call family, friends, and clients. For some time ago, we can not record the call. But it all has changed, an open source software called Skype Call Recorder has helped us.

There are many installation packages from Skype Call Recorder which can be found on their website. Whatever distro you use, you can still install this program. In addition, there is also the installation package for Asus Eee PC with Xandros.

All you need to install is run the installation package you have downloaded from package manager and let the package manager do the rest for you. Required library will be handled by package manager.

Setting the recording options
Right-click the Skype Call Recorder icon in your system tray, select Open Preferences. In the Automatic Recording tab you can choose one of three options: Automatically record all calls, Ask for every call, or Do not automatically record calls.
Skype Call Recorder in Linux
The second tab is File names tab. Use this tab to specify where to save the recordings (the default is a folder called Skype Calls in your /home directory).

The third tab is File Format tab. This tab configures in what format your recordings will be saved. You can choose one of three output; Ogg Vorbis, MP3, or WAV. Choose the quality of MP3 and Ogg recordings in this tab, and determine the results of recording, whether in stereo or mono. For the Misc tab, just let is as is.

From the program’s website, we found some information that there is Windows version for Skype Call Recorder. This version is still in experimental, so it’s buggy but it works. It’s up to you, you can use Linux as your base OS where Skype Call Recorder works well, or you can wait until the Windows version changes from experimental to stable version. Hope it useful :).
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  1. thanx for info, but as for me, i prefer to record skype calls using this tool, it's simple and nice!)

  2. I guess MX Skype Recorder is also a very good option
    Hope you'll like it!