Prevent Overheating in Lapotop Running Win7

Overheat very unpopular, either by the users of motorcycles, electronic devices, and even laptop users. Because my knowledge is about IT, then I will share tips on how to prevent overheating in your laptop running Win7.

The method to keep your laptop stays cool by tweaking maximum power state from the power settings. Let’s start it.
  1. Right click the battery icon beside the clock in the right-bottom and select Power Options like the picture below.
  2. In the Power Options window, click on ‘Change plan settings’. See the picture below.
  3. Now in the new opened window, click on ‘Change advanced power settings’, and in the Advanced settings window, expand the ‘Processor power management’
    You will see the ‘Maximum processor state’, expand it and change the value for ‘On battery’ to be 85% and ‘Plugged in’ to be 95%. See the picture below.
  4. Click OK, close all windows, and restart your machine.

Are there any consequences of this tweak? Yes, there are. By reducing the maximum power state on your processor will make your processor work a little slower. This is directly proportional to the amount of power consumed by your processor. So, you must be wise. Other way, you can add some fan under your laptop when you work. Hope it useful.
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