Duqu Virus Treatened Microsoft Windows Users

A new virus, Duqu, now threatens Microsoft Windows users. Duqu virus works by exploiting security holes and zero day vulnerability in the Windows kernel.

Symantec, which has found this virus in October believe that this virus has similarities to the Stuxnet. Both have a similar code, the difference is Stuxnet targeted for Iran's nuclear program while Duqu collects intelligence data from corporations or agencies.

Symantec adds that Duqu virus spreads through shared network. So every network administrator should take care about it even if the computers under their responsibility have no direct access to the internet.

Until now Duqu only attack targets that have been determined. Symantec mention the possibility of infection from this virus in six companies operating in french, The Netherlands, Switzerland, the Ukraine, India, Iran, Sudan and Vietnam. Another security firm says the UK, Austria, and Indonesia are also attacked by this virus.

In addition to the shared network, Duqu also infect a system through a compromised Microsoft Word document and then installs malicious software after it is opened. Here is a quote from Microsoft about Doqu virus:
“We are working diligently to address this issue and will release a security update for customers.”
Via h-online.


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