Send Email to Mail Relay Service from Linux

One time, in the medium to large business network, because the restrictions on access to external network we need to send an email to the mail relay service. This method looks good for security reasons because you do not have to open all ports for each server to allow sending an email.

Here is how to setup a Linux server to send mail to the mail service relay:
  1. Install postfix package
    yum install postfix
  2. Edit /etc/postfix/
    See the command line below as an idea about how you setup your server. Enable some command lines by removing the hash according to your needs.
  3. Change configuration on mail relay service.
    Make your mail relay service to accept all incoming mail from the host. Normally the host is a list of ip addresses for allowed sender.
That's is how to setup your Linux server to allow email sending process to the Mail Relay Service. Hope it useful, thank to joshuarasnier :)

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