Create Windows 7 SP1 Installation DVD

  • You should notice is the 32-bit or 64-bit. Should not be mistaken
  • When you have Downloaded WAIK you will need to Burn the ISO File to a CD/DVD and then install from the CD/DVD. Also make sure that you Download the correct WAIK ISO File for your System, it will be either for Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 7 Only.
Here the steps:
  1. Run the RT Seven Lite
  2. Click on the 'Browse Button' to Locate the Windows 7 installation ISO/File. There will be two options, 'Select OS Path' and 'Select ISO File'.
    If you have Windows 7 Installation Files in your computer, you can choose ‘Select OS Path’, but if you have .ISO file you should ‘Select ISO File’.
  3. Wait a few moments and then a new Window will pop up..... in the new pop up window, select the proper OS and don’t forget to check 'Slipstream Service Pack'
    Create Win 7 SP1 Installation DVD
  4. 'Browse' and 'Select' the 'Service Pack 1' File that you downloaded earlier
  5. Select your 'Windows7 Service Pack 1 File' and click the 'Start' button
  6. The process is quite long, so you have to patiently wait until the progress bar reach 100%
  7. After the Service Pack integrated sucesfully, click 'Proceed' button
  8. After the loading process completed, click the 'Task' button. Select 'ISO Bootable' and then Click on the 'ISO Bootable' Tab on the left hand side
  9. For the rest, see the sreenshoots below:
    Finally, you just have to click 'Finish' button.
That's all how to create Windows 7 SP1 installation DVD. Hope it useful. Thanks to Makcalable @ fixitwizkid.

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