Enable AirDrop on Old Macs

To share files between Mac users we can easily take advantage of AirDrop features. This feature is similar to the Ad-Hoc WiFi feature which is often found on Windows computers. Unfortunately, to activate AirDrop, you need a new Mac models that already have special hardware which supported to make a point to point WiFi connection.
Enable AirDrop on Old Macs
For you who have the old Macs model, this tips is suitable for you to enable AirDrop on your old Macs machine. Type in the command below into terminal window, hit enter, and reopen your Finder.
defaults write com.apple.NetworkBrowser BrowseAllInterfaces 1

Special note:
  • Type the command above on both macs (sender & receiver), even if one of them already has the correct WiFi hardware (I think).
  • Macs which use AirDrop must be connected to the same network somehow (ethernet, existing WiFi network, etc.)
  • To disable the AirDrop in your old Macs, just change the number 1 in the above command to 0.

That's all a cool trick to activate AirDrop in our old Macs. Hope it useful. Source: hints.macworld.com

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