Retina Display Used by iPad 3?

iPad uses 1536 x 2048 resolutions

Retina dispalay maybe used in iPad 3 which use higher resolution since image with size 1536 x 2048 have been found within the twitter framework of iOS5 beta. This discovery give us some speculations that display on the iPad 3 will have a larger size than the existing iPad for the moment, iPad 2. This conclusion was taken because the only frame work which has a wide resolution is twitter framework which has become a built-in framework in iOS5.

A report from Taiwan says that Apple iPad 3 with retina display will be launched in Q4 this year which has a resolution of between 5 to 6 times higher than the previous generation of the iPad.
Current resolution of the Apple iPad 2 is 768 x 1024, if the predictions of the iOS5 display is true (1536 x 2048), so this pixel doubling is similar to the story of the Apple iPhone 3G with a resolution of 320 x 480 became retina display with 640 x 960 with pixel density 326 ppi.

IDC analyst, Tom Mainelli makes allegations that Apple was concentrating on the screen with a resolution of 1536 x 2048 become stronger. Here is his statement:

"I think the Digitimes story probably got the resolution right, but wrong version of the iPad, "Mainelli toll PCWorld via email. "Our sources say Apple has requested That manufacturers begin work on displays with That resolution for the iPad 3."

"I do not believe anybody is ready to Produce That resolution in volumes at this point. And Apple is going to require huge volumes for the iPad 2," he added.

So, if Apple iPad 3 really going to have a resolution of 1536 x 2048?

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