Useful Dropbox Tricks

useful dropbox tricks
For those of you who are familiar with SkyDrive or SugarSync, you may also be familiar with the Dropbox. Dropbox is a online media storage which allow you to save your files in the cloud so you can access your documents from any computer or mobile device anywhere located. Using this post, I wanna share you some useful Dropbox tricks.

Maybe you just use Dropbox as file sharing or just sync your documents, but actually you can use Dropbox as advanced users.
Check the following useful Dropbox tricks that you may not know:

  1. Different ways to upload files.
    Normally, to upload your files you'll use drag n drop via desktop or upload through the Web client. Upload your files using email could be a better way. Sign in to and create a custom email address. Any email with an attachment that sent to that address will be uploaded to your Dropbox in the folder "Attachments". If you want to upload the target link directly to the Dropbox, you can use Find a link like tutorial in the PDF, paste the URL into droplets, then in a moment you will get the file.
  2. Downloading torrent files remotely.
    Before you do, make sure that you have legal permission to transfer the files. Bellow is how to use it through the uTorrent client (other BitTorrent client are almost similar):

    Windows: Open uTorrent and go to Preferences>Directories. Check the box next to "Automatically load torrents from" and browse to select your Dropbox folder.

    Mac OS X: Open uTorrent and go to Preferences>Downloads. Check the box next to "Automatically open torrent files found in" and browse to select your Dropbox folder. Also check the "Start each transfer after opening torrent files."
  3. Make your Dropbox as the default document folder.
    Some hacker probably would not have guessed if you store important files in the Dropbox and make it as default docs folder.

    Windows 7 or Vista: Right-click My Documents>Properties>Location. Select "Move" and locate your Dropbox.

    Mac OS X: Open Terminal (search for it in Spotlight) and type cd Dropbox. Hit return, then type ln -s ~/Documents /Documents. Hit enter and watch the Magic Happen.
  4. Create your personal photo stream.
    Using Android and iPhone applications, upload photos directly to your Dropbox or take screenshots inside application itself (especially Android). Create a folder within the Dropbox folder and you can share with others.
Each account will be get 250MB of space for every friend you refer. So, you can put your referral link anywhere so you can get free space up to 8GB. That's some useful Dropbox tricks. Rather than you just read it, please practiced and give your feedback if there are tricks that can not be applied. Good luck ...


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