New Update for eBay App Helps You to Sell Something

eBay App Update
eBay App update just pushed to help the Android phone user make a selling activities to eBay from their phone. Actually this eBay App "selling" update is so important and it has been a necessity for most Android user.

In the eBay App update, users can do the following things when trading via the Ebay App:
  1. Ability of eBay App to sell from the Android powered phone.
  2. List any item from A to Z including up to 8 photos.
  3. Barcode scanner usage to get the item's details.
  4. Edit your active selling list.
  5. Relist an item from your unsold list.
  6. When viewing a similar item on eBay, you can use "Sell one like this" feature.
  7. Make auction schedule.
  8. Mark the item as shipped, and;
  9. Contact the buyer.
I'm sure this eBay App updates is a good news for second-hand goods lovers. Now we can easily sell using eBay App.

Download update of eBay App to start selling something.

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