Google Maps Update 5.6.0

Google Maps Update 5.6.0
Google Maps 5.6.0 update is a minor update for Google Maps app, an application that allows you to leave the paper map in your home. This Google Maps Update 5.6.0 just suitable for Android powered smartphone.

Actually, Google Maps has three main features, namely:
  1. Navigation: Free, voice-guided GPS navigation system.
  2. Places: Find, rate, and get Recommendations for places.
  3. Latitude: See friends on the map and check in at places.
On Google Maps 5.6.0 update also added "Best Ever" ratings feature. This feature can help you share about the services or cuisines of a restaurant that you found around you. As you wish, the Google Maps 5.6.0 is available for free from Android Market ... :D
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