Gdiskdump Installation on Ubuntu

After we talked about qBittorrent installation, now we would talk Gdiskdump (a development of Disk Dump). DD, stands for DiskDump is a utility to read every single block on the disk to create the disk dump. DD can write the boot records, the disk header, and make a floppy boot. DD can create a perfect clone, perfect, we refer to all the contents of source disk will be copied to the destination disk completely including its free spaces.

Along the development of Linux, then DD was presented in the graphical mode. Graphical mode of the DD is Gdiskdump. Gdiskdump will be working like as commands did from diskdump in graphic mode so you can clone and create an image from your hard disk more easily.

Gdiskdump installation process.
Download db of Gdiskdump package, then do the installation process by double click. Here's a picture of Gdiskdump.

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