Intel Keeps Supports to MeeGo

Intel Keeps Supports to MeeGo
Nokia currently uses two platforms for their smartphone. Most of them use Windows Phone and the rest use MeeGo. Nokia N9 is one of Nokia phones that use the MeeGo platform.

Nokia N9 with MeeGo got rave reviews, but the CEO of Nokia decided to make their phones have a Windows Phone flavor.

Although Nokia decided to leave MeeGo, but Intel took a different attitude. Intel keeps MeeGo in it's cooperation. Intel’s attitude is a little more answer pessimism of market observers about the future of MeeGo.

Even Intel ready to launch MeeGo v1.3 that supports smart TVs, car infotainment and multimedia handset devices in the fourth quarter and is set to launch v1.4 in the second quarter of 2012.

Google's last Android system codenamed Ice Cream Sandwiches are also get a Intel’s priority that will soon launch a solution to combine their Atom processor with Android Ice Cream in Q1 2012, while for a solution combining Windows 8 will soon be out in Q3 2012.

Hopefully Intel's stance which Intel still supporting MeeGo OS will make the OS competition getting tougher and produce the best OS for consumers...
Adopted from: DigiTimes.

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