Fastest Camera Phone, Nokia N9

Nokia N9, fastest camera phone
Yesterday on July 21st, Nokia has recently launched Nokia N9, a fully softkey smartphone that operates MeeGo. With all hardwares used, Nokia claims that the N9 is the fastest camera phone to take pictures and video.

Nokia N9 has 8 MP camera, Carl Zeiss lens and autofocus. Carl Zeiss itself is not a manufacturer that allowed Nokia to put Carl Zeiss lens on any phone. Nokia must submit captured images from the phone as test procedure to the Carl Zeiss and after it passed the test, Nokia may use their names.

With Continuous Auto Focusing features, Nokia N9 are constantly looking for a photo subject and adjust the focus to get maximum results. For comparison, the Nokia Conversations also provide the chart below so that we can know how the camera power of phones on the market. Based on the latency, we know that N9 as a fastest camera phone.
Latency shows N9 as a fastest camera phone
Source: Nokia Conversations

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