Virus On Angry Birds

Virus on Angry Birds
Jiang Xuxian, a professor of computer science from NC State University found Plankton, the name of the malicious code which infiltrated on the Android Market. Based on this discovery, Google hold some applications after evaluation of several applications that uploaded to it.

Plankton itself hiding in popular applications and games. Angry birds certainly injected the virus. Webroot Researchers, Andrew Brandt said "The rogue application install additional code to Android devices where they are installed. Additional functions provide remote access and control of Android devices. Unfortunately identity of the hackers still unknown at this time".

Plankton is different from the previous malicious programs. Plankton using a variety of exploits for a device to get access to the root. Brandt explains, "Instead, the remote command provides access not only known for what can be considered sensitive data on mobile phones, including browser history, bookmarks, and setting the homepage on Android's built-in browser".

At least, there are 10 applications in the Android Market injected by virus from three different developers. Google is trying to overcome these problems. For Angry Birds lovers, probably should temporarily suspend your desire to download from Android Market until the virus on Angry Birds really clean and there are official announcements from Google.

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