Will BlackBerry PlayBook Still be Produced?

Will BlackBerry PlayBook Still be Produced?
A response came from the RIM about the question; will the BlackBerry PalyBook still be produced? The response from RIM is answering the statement of RBC Capital Markets Managing Director, Mike Abramsky who picked up the story of OTR Global about the cessation of production BlackBerry PlayBook Wi-Fi version.

Mike Abramsky concluded that the weak sales of BlackBerry PlayBook Wi-Fi are the cause of discontinuation of production of the BlackBerry Playbook Wi-Fi version. In addition, through the production stopping of the BlackBerry Playbook Wi-Fi, RIM will be able to focus in the development of their PlayBook 4G.

Through their twitter account, RIM considers that the conclusion of Mike Abramsky as Pure Fiction. As a rebuttal again, RIM said that BlackBerry PalayBook Wi-Fi still launched in new countries almost every week.
Picture taken from BGR.

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