Notes for Exchange for Android

Notes for Exchange for Android
Notes for Exchange for Android-Hello Android lovers. This time thecybergal will share a very useful application for you, I ensure it. Today’s application is the Notes for Exchange, an application to exchange important notes from a PC which connected to exchange account with the Android phone.

Notes for Exchange is developed by XDA forum member, Hundera. So, we all have to say thank to Hundera for both applications: Notes for Exchange client for Android and Notes for Exchange client for the PC which greatly helped our office activity. Notes for Exchange will keep your notes like exchange standard synchronization did.

Here's a note from the developer (edited according my understanding):
Notes for Exchange is an application for Android to synchronize notes with MS Exchange. This application will not share your notes to any third party servers. It is using the standard exchange synchronization to synchronize schedules.

How does Notes for Exchange work?
Notes for Exchange has two parts:
  1. Outlook Add-in (, will synchronize your notes with the schedules in the calendar. It will make the item until the end of February 2048, so it will not clash with the standard events. By using standard Exchange synchronization, all these things will be synchronized with your Android phone.
  2. Android application (ExchangeNotes_x.apk) which will feature special schedules in the notes form. Also allows you to edit and delete these schedules.

Yup, that's the introductory excerpt from the developer, Hundera. Now, we will not miss to synchronize our notes in MS Exchange any more even though we do not use Windows Phone based devices.
Download (270.1KB).
Download ExchangeNotes_0.1.apk (24.9KB).

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