Phonealytics Free Version

Phonealytics Free Version
Phonealytics Free Version is now available for Windows Phone 7 users. If you do not know what Phonealytics is, I will give some idea to laying out another tool that is very similar to Phonealytics. Yup, Phonealytics's similar tool is Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is certainly no stranger to you especially if you are a web developer who has a lot of websites or you are an enthusiast blogger. Whatever it is, whether a web developer or a blogger you would like to stalk your web readers, and Google Analytics is the right tool to presenting statistical analysis.

Phonealytics then used to replace Google Analytics when there is no computer in front of you or when you’re in mobile. Normally, to get Phonealytics you have to pay £1.49 ($1.99). Phonealytics Free Version also offers you the full features except Live Tile features. Phonealytics Free Version is not a trial version of Phonealytics Paid Version because they are different.

Please download Phonealytics Paid Version or Phonealytics Free Version. Choose what you like.
Adopted from wpcentral.

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