Eric Schmidt and His BlackBerry

Eric Schmidt and his BlackBerry-Although no longer served as a CEO of Google, it does not mean legitimate for him to back and forth with his BlackBerry. Until now, Schmidt is listed as chairman at the company located in Mountain View that develops open source OS-Android.

Schmidt and his BlackBerry were in Indonesia (my country hehehe) to attend the economy summit. He caught on camera lens when take photos of Balinese dancer with his BlackBerry Bold 9780. Indeed, the BlackBerry as a must have phone for a busy businessman, moreover a Schmidt. But it is becoming a bit awkward when the businessmen who use the BlackBerry is the one who provides the Android OS with its millions of applications.
Eric Schmidt and His BlackBerryEric Schmidt and His old BlackBerry
(L)Schmidt and his BlackBerry Bold 9780, (R)Schmidt and his BlackBerry Curve 8900-2 years ago.

Prior to this news excited, Schmidt had also caught the camera lens when using the BlackBerry Curve 8900 about two years ago. Maybe the chairman felt a bit tired to always meet with Android devices all time and he needs another little color.

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