OTA Update for Toshiba Thrive

 Update for Toshiba Thrive
Lately Toshiba Thrive widely discussed by gadget lovers. Appearance at Best Buy stores earlier than originally scheduled (July, 13) makes people more curious. Toshiba Thrive tablet itself is a 10.1 tablet, has a dual-core processor Tegra 2 with Android Honeycomb, and available in 8-, 16-, and 32-gigabytes version.

From the figure above shows that the OTA update for the Toshiba Thrive (device that has not been officially released) has been already available. This picture clearly demonstrates Toshiba's commitment to make the Toshiba Thrive as perfect as possible before the official release for gadget lovers.

Anyone of you who have got Toshiba Thrive in hand, please immediately do OTA Update for Toshiba Thrive, and give us feedback about the details of the update so that other readers can know. Thank you.

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