HP TouchPad 4G Using 1,5 Ghz CPU

HP TouchPad 4G
Since two weeks ago, HP TouchPad filled gadget stores around us, but consumer interest against the HP touchpad seems somewhat decreased. Get around this, Amazon and BestBuy slashed the price of the HP TouchPad to attract renewed interest from consumers.

The step to attract consumer interest is also done by the manufacturer. Recently, HP has confirmed that AT&T will get 21Mbps HSPA+ version of the tablet, HP TouchPad 4G.

Quoted from HP Palm Blog, HP TouchPad 4G will have a "brain" more quickly, a dual-core processor 1.5GHz Snapdragon (0.3 over its predecessor), 32GB of storage, integrated GPS and all the benefits of being connected via AT&T’s network.

One drawback of the HP TouchPad 4G (perhaps) is the battery life. Battery on HP TouchPad 4G apparently still using the same specification from the previous version, but with the use of HSPA+ connectivity means the battery performance will be heavier.

Unfortunately, there has been no official information about the price of HP TouchPad 4G. For those of you who are curious about the HP TouchPad 4G may be waiting in the HP commercial channels, AT&T Business Services and major retailers. Happy to waiting...

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