Category Update for Windows Phone Market

Category Update for Windows Phone Market
Category update for Windows Phone Market was just forced outside by Microsoft. Update this time just a minor updates, as well as AppHub which was re-launched to add several features.

Please see the picture above, you can read the words "health + fitness". Prior to the category update for Windows Phone Market, then the text will read like this: "healt and fitness". Yup, that's right, the change is the replacement of "and" with a "+" sign that makes it easier to read.

Besides the above changes, is now also available a special category dedicated to "Books" and "Business". For the games lovers, you will find it easier when exploring Windows Phone Market as there are more detailed categories like the "classic", "strategy + simulation", "shooter", and others. If you're curious, just run the Windows Marketplace from your phone and go ahead to the Apps.
Picture taken from wpcentral.

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