Angry Birds Considered Violating Patents

Angry Birds Considered Violating Patents
So far the Angry Birds is a very popular game. Have you know that the Finnish game being stuck with a problem regarding violating patents claimed by the game company from Texas about the method for purchasing a new level in the application.

Types of purchases the new level is also applied to the games from Europe and these problems have prevented developers to launch their applications.

Start Up Smart, a website for new business and entrepreneurship said.
"The US patent system allows software implementations of ideas to be patented, which differs significantly from the European Union, although the European Parliament has been considering aligning patent rights with the US"

"The growth of lawsuits in the US by so-called "patent trolls" – which simply demand payments after assessing intellectual property rights – poses a major threat to the burgeoning mobile app market."

I personally think patents like this to curb the birth of new innovations from the company that filed for a patent. How you think about it?

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