The First Windows Phone Mango from ZTE

ZTE which is the fourth largest handset manufacturer in the world, according to research from IDC now keep moving and do not want to miss from Fujitsu which has released the first Fujitsu's Windows Phone 7.5-based device.

Reportedly, the ZTE’s first Windows Phone Mango will soon be released later this fall. Until now, there is no more information about Windows Phone Mango from ZTE. The information obtained by thecybergal was limited the fact that ZTE will issue several series of phones based on Windows Phone Mango.

About the dualism of the ZTE which producing Android-based phones and Windows Mobile-based phone, Dr. Luo Zhong Sheng, General Manager of Mobile Communications at ZTE said that the potential market share of Windows Phone will exceed the market share than the Android has.

Below is a photo of the first Windows Phone Mango from ZTE taken from

The First Windows Phone Mango from ZTEThe First Windows Phone Mango from ZTE2
Referring to the prediction of Dr. Luo Zhong Sheng above, is this be an indication of the rise of Microsoft in the mobile segment? Let’s wait n see...

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