Ninja Breakout for Windows Phone

Ninja Breakout for Windows Phone
Ninja Breakout for Windows Phone is a game that brings Panda in a conflict with the Ninja. Actually, the Ninja is more passive (because he just like a block) you have to tear down. You'll play as a Panda and your task is to throw your little panda friend to knock down all Ninja’s blocks and keep the little panda landed in the right place.

In Ninja Breakout for Windows Phone, you move the Panda by touching or using the phone’s accelerometer. Some of the Ninja’s block which you have destroyed will sometimes drop the bonus, so you should be careful to get the bonus in your hand. After all the Ninja’s block successfully destroyed, you will find that next level.

Ninja Breakout for WP7 is a free game and run quite smooth, although admittedly sometimes there are annoying ads when we are playing. But overall, this game is suitable to add your games library on your Windows Phone device.
Download Ninja Breakout for Windows Phone (Open Zune).

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