High Resolution Display for iPad 3

High Resolution Display for iPad 3
Until now, rumor about the iPad 3 continues to grow, even recent reports say that the iPad 3 will use a 3D screen. Quoted from phonearena, the Cupertino’s mobile manufacturer is now being tested 9.7 inch LCD screen which made by Samsung and LG as a preparation for the iPad 3.

Another interesting news to be heard is the high resolution display of iPad 3. Some rumors have even told that the iPad 3 will use QXGA screen or about 2048 x 1536 pixels and clock in 264 ppi.

If you look at the companies that Apple elected to make 9.7 inch High Resolution Display for iPad 3-Samsung and LG-it seems not impossible if iPad 3 will actually use QXGA screen. This conclusion arises because when the Society for Information Display (SID) held in Los Angeles last May, Samsung is able to demonstrate an LCD screen that uses the "Retina-Display" technology.

This latest news confirms the previous posts that discussed the Retina Display that will be used by iPad 3. Will the hostility between Apple and Samsung about the legal issues can be eased with the cooperation of the two giant mobile phone manufacturers? Let's see how the continuation of the story.

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